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CIPT Equipment Lending Library Request Form

  •  You must have received CIPT training for the lab equipment you request.
  •  You may reserve equipment for a one week period, beginning on a Monday ending on Friday. The kits will be delivered to you so that they arrive before your requested use date. You must ship the equipment to Cornell by the following Monday.
  •  You will be allowed to have only one set of equipment at a time.
  •  You must email CIPT to notify of delayed returns caused by school closings.
  •  Please indicate any equipment included in the kit that you do not need shipped to you, i.e. multimeters, LabPros, power supplies, etc.
  •  There is no charge to you for borrowing or shipping lab equipment.
Contact Information - All information is confidential
 **Shipping address must be a school address.  Do NOT use a PO Box.
First Name:    
Last Name:    
City:  , State: 
Country:  Zip Code: 
Number of kits desired:    
Total number of students using the kits:    
To insure future NSF funding to support the Lending Library, we are asking all teachers to provide classroom demographic information. Please provide us with an approximate tally of the number of underrepresented minorities and females in all of the classes where Xraise materials will be used. Thank you!.
Number of Underrepresented minorities students (African Americans, Latino/Hispanic, Native Americans...):    
Number of Female students:    
Date (always a Monday) you want the equipment:   
Other information:

Please indicate kit choice (only choose one):
  Atomic Force Microscopy   Stunt Car Challenge!
  Arecibo's Giant Mirror   Marble on Dome
  The Phantastic Photon   The Physics of Rock Climbing
  The Phantastic Photon and the LEDs   Too Cool to Resist
  LEDs   Cloud Chamber
  Water Analogy to Electric Circuits   Introduction to Oscilloscopes
  Diffraction of Light   Communicating with Light
  Diffraction of Light and DNA   The Nature of Resistance
  Discovering Ohm's Law   Snap, Crackle & Pop
  Exploring Wave Phenomena   Double Pendulum
  Magnetic Force on a Wire w/current   Physics on a Guitar
  Clearly Colorful Thin Films   Measuring the Speed of Light
  Resonance in Transverse Waves   Photovoltaic Cells
  Power to the People   Energy Conversion in a Light Bulb
  Graphing Lab   Foutan Board
  Biocircuits   Playing in Newton's Lab
  Notebook Circuits
Please indicate if you have the following parts and, therefore, don't need them to be shipped:
  Multimeters   LabPro or LabQuest
  Power Supplies   Other (Please indicate in "Other" above)
 NOTE:  Equipment requests are HEAVY! Please make sure you ship the equipment you've borrowed at the end of your 5-day period. One delay can cause multiple problems further on in the schedule.

  By checking this box, I certify that I have received CIPT training in the lab equipment requested.
~~Complete all fields before submitting this form~~    
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