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Designed specifically for high school physics teachers, the CLASSE Institute for Physics Teachers (CIPT) is a unique opportunity for professional development. CIPT is cosponsored by Cornell's Office for the Vice Provost for Research. CIPT was developed to meet the NSF stipulation that research grants awarded to universities contain an "outreach" component to promote the dispersal of information gained in the research to those outside the university. Dr. Robert Burhman, Principal Investigator, organized a steering committee of Cornell scientists and high school teachers to develop a program to upgrade high school teachers' knowledge and understanding of recent developments in nanophysics. The first workshop for teachers was conducted in March 2002. Since that time, more than 1700 teachers from across the United States have attended CIPT's programs. In the fall of 2012, CLASSE assumed stewardship of the CIPT from the Cornell Center for Nanoscale Systems and will continue to offer professional development workshops for educators and Lending Library equipment for use in classrooms.

XRAISE is Outreach for CLASSE!