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Best Practice Qualities of XRAISE OUTREACH

Xraise knows that a successful outreach program must build on student’s curiosity about the natural world to stimulate inquiry. Pre-college science educators must provide students with opportunities to build upon the knowledge and skills needed to conduct scientific inquiry, but must also develop the attitudes and values required to be a successful scientist, such as creativity, curiosity and perseverance.

To learn more about specific programs and practices developed by Xraise through years of experience, take a look at the resources provided below. Educators and first-time program facilitators will find helpful hints, successful strategies and productive partnerships for conducting outreach with pre-college populations.


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Best Practice Articles

Articles describing education and outreach practices and programming.

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Outreach Activites

Simple instructions for how to conduct basic outreach activities at your research facility!

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Publications & Presentations

Talks and published articles about our education and outreach contributions.

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