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The Xraise team aims to inspire everyone with the beauty and wonder of science. Something magical happens when you share science with others – the joy of experiencing a new phenomena, comes, in part, by enjoying that discovery with someone else.

Trying to find a way to communicate with the kids such that they don’t lose that sense of wonder and amazement about the natural world around them is absolutely critical.

Jim Shanks, staff scientist at CLASSE

As a team of STEM outreachers, we strive to connect those who have caught the science bug with those who have yet to be infected. The benefit of being a role model in science is beyond rewarding – it is life changing. Come join us and encourage the next generation of science superstars!

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways for you to inspire the next generation of scientist. Fill out the below form and let us know what sort of activities interest you and/or what skills you can bring to the program. Building relationships that make an impact on others takes time, so please indicate the amount of time you could devote to working with the Xraise team.

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High School Program

Science Exploration for High School Students

The internship program at CHESS has been developed in order to provide local high school students with the opportunity to explore their interests and talents while being exposed to careers involving particle and x-ray physics. There are no wages accompanying this program.

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SRCCS Program

Summer Research for Community College Students

Under this program, four to five students interested in a career in science, engineering, and technology will be invited to participate in cutting-edge research at the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source (CHESS). Participants receive a stipend and local group housing is provided through Cornell University Campus Life, if participants prefer not to commute daily.

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REU Program

Research Experience for Undergraduates

Science and engineering students participate in various research, attend informal seminars, formal lectures, tours of research facilities, social and recreational events, and a forum at summer's end in which participants present the results of their research. Participants receive a stipend, a housing allowance, and a travel allowance.

National Science Foundation

Xraise is supported by the National Science Foundation award DMR-1332208.
CHESS is operated and managed for the National Science Foundation by Cornell University.